Kubernetes-native behavior-centric
observability solution

Stop struggling with managing your microservices!

Luntry lets you observe and visualize the life and behavior of your Kubernetes and unlocks the new level of understanding for your teams to make better decisions and solve problems happening during product development, support, and maintenance.

What’s wrong with

Microservices architecture is starting to be a common development approach. More than 50% of companies, which deal with microservices, use Kubernetes to manage them. Nonetheless, all these advantages of Kubernetes lead to a range of challenges

Lack of observability in the infrastructure

Complexity of following any change in your Kubernetes

Asset management issues

Struggling with planning

Issues of coordination with different stakeholders

3rd party untrusted vulnerable code

Complexity of implementing security and detecting incidents

Spending too much time defining the problem

The solution
  • Collect information and knowledge in one place and unite teams for effective work
  • Get a complete picture of what is happening in your K8s to ensure transparency
  • Control the interaction patterns of your microservice-based architecture through observing and visualizing the infrastructure
  • Be able to quickly find the reasons for failures
  • Get the one single pane of glass for different teams to ensure smooth workflow
  • Reduce the time, finding problems from days to minutes, and streamline your time to market process
Easy to install, it only takes 10 minutes to get the result
No rules, it is based on
behavior analysis
On-premises eBPF-based sensor solution
Zero instrumentation work
Supporting on-premise, Managed Kubernetes, and OpenShift 4
Kubernetes graph knowledge base
Powerful API for automation
Network map

The solution shows all actual and logical interactions between your Kubernetes workloads and Network resources in Kubernetes terms (Deployment, DaemonSet, StatefulSet, service, etc.)

Time machine

When investigating incidents, accumulated knowledge helps you find causes quickly and easily. It also helps you plan improvements for services and infrastructure. No action or change will remain unseen


Get rid of blind spots with automatic generation of behavioral models of high granularity including processes, files, and network connections inside the containers in your cluster

Support custom resources

Broaden your horizons beyond standard resources to third-party operators’ custom resources considering the specifics of your Kubernetes cluster

How can we help?
incident retrospectives
easy to follow any changes in the system especially if something goes wrong way
continuous system inventory
up-to-date data of your system so you can easily plan any updates
regular behavior profiling
for the control’s sake
keep your team on the same level of understanding of your infrastructure
anomalies detection
get to know any unusual activity of your system
Automated tool for different departments

Unified experiences across teams and departments

  • Unite information, knowledge, and teams to make decisions and solve issues
  • Decrease time-to-market by quick issues resolution
  • Avoid war rooms and long-lasting battles
  • Have a single pane of glass with actual data about your infrastructure for all teams to cooperate effectively
  • See the current state and snap a picture of your infrastructure any time
  • Share knowledge amongst your teams
  • Get a “bus factor” out from your way to the stability and visibility of your infrastructure
  • Optimize your resources and time by removing roadblocks and unnecessary meetings
  • Access to data about infrastructure for every team member

Simplified view on complex things

  • Get a picture of how your microservices interact and how they are communicating with each other
  • Visualize the life cycle of your microservices in every k8s infrastructure
  • See a picture of different environments – Dev/Test/Stage/Prod
  • Use the differential analysis for problem search
  • Track when something happened and why
  • Detect unusual, unexpected behavior
  • Keep up with Agile principles of development

To be controllable, a system must be observable

  • Do better planning, improving, and quick troubleshooting with the help of retrospective analysis
  • Get the full context for RCA (Root Cause Analysis)
  • Visualize the collaboration between all your k8s components
  • See the infrastructure flow, watch over any third-party components and how they work with each other
  • See any abnormal behavior inside the infrastructure
  • Optimize the resource inventory, see the history of incidents and changes
  • See all data about any Kubernetes component and be able to correlate events

Security without blind spot

  • Kubernetes is no more a “black box” for you from container to microservice
  • Threat hunting based on abnormal behavior inside containers and components
  • Keep up security level with fast development life cycle by observing and visualizing infrastructure even if it changes rapidly
  • Plan your security measures and visualize any components and their interactions
  • Use API to generate NetworkPolicy resources and other security-related custom resources
  • Get the right tool for Advanced Container Runtime Security
  • Facilitate the use of Shift Everywhere Security, Security-as-Code, Zero Trust
Forewarned is forearmed

Understand your applications and the whole infrastructure. Be assured of stable work in Kubernetes!

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Our mission

Our goal is to increase the transparency of what is happening in Kubernetes, as well as provide organizations with a unified knowledge base and a convenient tool for interaction between different specialists.

Build reliable and secure systems easily and efficiently with Luntry!

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